About VOM FASS Naperville

Taste before you buy FROM THE CASK oils, vinegars, wines, liqueurs & spirits VOM FASS’ exclusive selections made by artisan producers around the world. 

The name, VOM FASS, means "from the cask" or "on tap" in German – and the store aims to stay true to its name by stocking specialty goods from around the world straight from casks.

You will feel like a kid in a candy store as you sample wonderful balsamic vinegars, oils, wines, spirits and a wide range of liqueurs, brandy, grappas, cognac and more. When customers step into VOM FASS on Washington Street in downtown Naperville, IL they find "a very unique experience". 

VOM FASS provides samples of its various products, they also provide tips and recipes. It is truly an experience and once you stop in our store, you wil surely be back with friends. Originated in Germany and wellknown throughout Europe, the Naperville location is the first in Illinois.